Who are we?

A different kind of consultancy

We know effective work comes from great strategy. And great strategy is built on robust data and human insight.

We embrace the fact that we're not the market or audience, but we're committed to learning about them from what they say and do. We consider how to balance the long and the short-term impacts to drive effectiveness, not just efficiency. We focus on diagnosing the challenge and current state of play, before prescribing the strategy to fix it. And we're not dependent on the activation, so we can partner with the right specialists and agencies in the fields that will drive the most impact.

Guess what we're trying to say is, we're the type that really like thinking things through, looking at your market and audience to see what's needed to be effective, change behaviour and have an impact.

Simply put, we're Simply Thought

Our Values


We try to keep it simple, but never dumbed down. We want to make the complex clearer and bring insight into what the research and data actually means for your brand. And we'll also be clear with you - about the great and not-so-great news, about where we're great and where there's a need for different expertise.


We're not the market and we don't assume to know it. But we always want to learn about it - about your audience, your brand, and your competitors and category. We ask both big and small questions, of you and ourselves, trying to learn everything we need to be effective.


In more than one way. We care about people and society, and the increasing role that businesses play in them. And in extension, we also care about being thoughtful in thinking through our work, recommendations and the implications of it - for your business, audiences and beyond.

Our core tools

As well as classic research methodologies, we've invested in some (and trained in even more) of today's leading insights tools. From AI-based social and news media analytics to Google search data and online survey panels, we're well versed in our own tools.

Other tools we're versed in