Our services

Analytics and insights

The ‘ABCs of Market Intelligence’ is at the core of all our work. We gather and analyse relevant Audience, Brand, Competitors and Category data, providing actionable market intelligence to build your communications strategy, position your brand and create effective activations.

The Need

Before activation and creative ideation, we need a robust strategy to guide it. And to build a strategy, we need relevant and actionable data. For our marketing efforts to have the right impact (and to better sell it in), we need to answer critical questions about what our audience cares about, where we reach them, how to change their behaviours, where we currently are perceived and where we want to go.

The Method

Identifying the most relevant and appropriate sources to compile the data that matters. Whether classic qualitative and quantitative surveys or the latest AI-based analytics tools, we advise on the best way to get the answers needed, and always provide actionable recommendations and key takeaways. Activities include:

  • News and social media conversation analysis (by brand, audience and/or category topic)
  • Qualitative interviews (video, phone, behavioural, etc.)
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Market and audience segmentation
  • Web traffic and Search analytics
  • Social and digital content audit
  • Competitive associations and messaging analysis
  • Competitor identification from audience perspective (not just category)
  • Influencer identification


Better strategy development and creative briefing. Better targeted and informed messaging and campaigns, improving effectiveness of communications, changing behaviours of audiences and generating meaningful engagement.