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Brand and product messaging

Creating a consistent message and impression, in a way that’s fits across a range of diverse touchpoints. Based on your ABCs of Marketing Intelligence, defining and distilling your message down to its core - finding the words to create a consistent narrative that gets attention of and resonates with audiences.

The Need

Effective branding and messaging requires consistency to work. And it means finding the right words and stories that resonate with audiences, presented in a framework that's flexible enough to be adapted across a range of channels and touchpoints.

The Method

Creating a brand and/or product messaging framework and brand tone of voice that aligns with your strategy and position.

  • Messaging house construction (key messages, position statement, elevator pitch, etc.)
  • Tone of Voice guide documentation
  • Executive thought-leadership positioning
  • Content- and copywriting


The key messages and articulating the positioning that matters to target audiences. A flexible but consistent message ready to be adapted across key communications channels.