Our services

Measurement and evaluation

PR and communications measurement matters more than ever. The technology and smart frameworks for what's possible are constantly changing - but not all are relevant to your needs. We create custom frameworks based on your communications and business goals so you're measuring what matters.

The Need

Showing the value and impact of PR and communications in a way that aligns with business and marketing goals - moving beyond outputs and into quality and outcomes. Understanding both the long- and short-term impacts, and how they contribute to broader goals, isn't just critical for stakeholder buy-in, but also to understand what does and doesn't work to inform future communications.

The Method

Specialists in PR and communications measurement, we're familiar with the leading tools, methodologies and how to align metrics as closely as possible with your business goals. Specific services include:

  • Design of measurement frameworks and reporting practices
  • Brand tracker management
  • Monthly measurement reporting
  • Annual performance audits
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Audit of measurement practices and tool stack
  • Learnings and optimisation recommendations


Measurement that aligns with business and marketing goals, defining success in a meaningful way. Greater stakeholder engagement and buy-in. Data, analysis and insights to continually optimise and improve programmes.