Making sense of data to build strategies that work

We’re Simply Thought

A communications strategy consultancy specialising in data analytics and human insight.

We combine the latest AI-based tools with timeless research methods to answer your critical marketing and communications questions.

Understanding your audience, brand, competitors and category to provide meaningful intelligence to build a communications strategy that works.

How we help

Analytics and Insights

Gathering and analysing your relevant Audience, Brand and Competitor data, and making it meaningful.

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Strategy and planning

Creating a strategy and plan that works, because it's based on relevant data analytics and human insight.

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Brand and Product Messaging

Choosing the words to consistently and effectively communicate in ways that matter to audiences.

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Measurement and Evaluation

Custom frameworks based on your communications and business goals so you're measuring what matters.

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Thinking Slow News(letter)

We won't always write, but when we do it'll be with worthwhile, relevant and probably slightly geeky perspectives on marketing, communications and business strategy.